Does is it matter that you have less Kiwi Followers?

News 09:07 July 2020:

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In some social networks like Instagram, having thousands of followers can put you in a special class of people. Being the queen or king of followers can also give you a lot of recognition as a twitter or snapchat user. However, since kiwi is all about interacting with people by asking or answering their questions, do your numbers really matter? Well, let’s say yes. The same feeling of satisfaction and gratitude you feel when dozens of people post comments to your Facebook posts is the same one you would receive as a popular Kiwi user.

On the other hand, you can also turn this app into a marketing platform very easily, and succeed exemplary at it if you have many kiwi followers. For instance, a blogger who deals in reviewing and blogging about coffee makers could turn their kiwi page into a platform for educating more people and then referring them to their websites for more details. Experts in other topics can also use the same platform to not only answer people’s questions, but also promote their products. And with such ideas in mind, it is always important to keep looking for more followers.