How Automatic Likes on Facebook are created

News 08:07 July 2020:

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Getting many likes on a Facebook post can really boost your ego. It can also help you jumpstart to quick popularity especially if you are planning to sell something on social media. However, getting many likes has not always been easy for most people; a factor that has often prompted them to buy automatic likes in a bid to persuade other Facebook users to pay more attention to their posts their posts. Though it seem like a good idea buying likes, it is first of all very important to understand how these purchased likes are created.

In most cases, applications and programmers who make the likes use dubious and illegal means. For instance, they may use a special program that generates Facebook accounts automatically and then directs these accounts into liking your posts. Alternatively, the programmers may trick innocent Facebook users into clicking links advertised as websites, but in real sense the links are directed to your account. That means that the likes you receive come from either real people who had no interest in your posts or from fake accounts that represent no human being.