How do people get thousands of Periscope Followers?

News 10:07 July 2020:

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Periscope is a great app for interacting with people through live broadcasts. You can easily create a small or big community of people who listen to you, as long as you are unique and creative. For instance, most people who have thousands of periscope followers do not just share any type of content. They are mostly the experts in the niches they broadcast. The way they frame titles to their broadcasts also makes anyone want to listen to them. For instance, someone who entitles their broadcast “Tips for staying healthy” and one who puts “Killer ways to burn body fat in 90n days” are not bound to get the same amount of following.

There is a huge competition on periscope at the moment, and if you want to be the most followed person on the app, you have to make the best broadcasts. Be confident and more interactive on the app. People like it when you become more concerned about their broadcasts or comments on your content for instance. Giving good value content and strong interaction with customers is always attracted with hundreds and thousands of followers on this app.