How To Create Twitter Polls.

News 11:07 July 2020:

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After learning of this new feature on Twitter, it time to get to create these very Twitter polls. The only basic requirement you require is a twitter account. The feature is available on both mobile phone platforms and desktop computers. If using a phone, ease the process by using an app. Proceed to create a poll by opening the composer box. You will see a poll icon under it alongside the photo, video and location icons. On selecting it, whether you want a two or four answer option, enter the answer options and ask the question in the composer box. Write it the same way you write your tweets. Go back and confirm that the question will be effective to the answer options given, and there are no grammatical errors before proceeding to the share it to your followers.

Let your followers retweet the same to their followers to increase the vote count as people can still vote directly from the retweet. You may consider pinning the polls on your timeline to get extra attention to garner more additional votes and displaying the results at the end. Isn’t it simple to create Twitter polls?f1

How to Conduct Successful Twitter Polls

If you are a marketer, or you areconducting a research of any kind on the Internet, twitter has got your covered with their twitter polls feature. Here, you can ask people questions and let them vote on what choice they prefer the most. A quick poll takes two hours before it expires, and costs very little to conduct. And if you have important use for the data you acquire; using polls could save you a lot in terms of money and time.However, to help you make best out of these tools; read the following article.

Analyze your Audience’s Top Interests

While most people follow you because they love something you constantly tweet about, they have far more interests in life. Everyone probably have something they love that not everyone else does. But that shouldn’t be the focus on any poll. Instead, analyze your top most retweeted or liked posts and find out what content people love the most from you. You probably are asking, why should it matter to your poll? Well, knowing what content people engage in the most will help you phrase your polls accordingly and get the most meaningful feedback from it.

Breakdown the Time and Regions you get more Engagement from

Ever sent a tweet in the middle of the night and received lots of engagement from it? Well, your nighttime is always someone else’s day time. And knowing this can help you make the best out of twitter polls. On the other hand, knowing where most of your followers are located could help you get better feedback if you ask questions that affect such followers. Still, knowing the exact place your different followers come from will help you greatly in analyzing the feedback you receive.f2

Conduct the Polls

Once you have an idea of what content resonates positively with your followers, you can shoot the questions at the most ideal time. You will after all have identified what people love talking about, and what regions they come from. Making a twitter poll when you have such important basics also saves you the time to analyze your results. Again, depending on the results you got after breaking down the different types of followers you have, you will better know whether you should conduct a similar poll but at a different time that favors your other followers.

Conduct more Polls

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t lose your popularity to constantly asking people to vote in your polls. In fact, statistics show that twitter pollsresult in a positive impact on the level of your engagement with your followers. On topics your followers love especially, your engagement with them could keep mounting every time you ask them to vote in a poll. All in all, you should strive to make all your polls better in terms of when they were conducted and the questions asked. However, note not to bombard your followers with a lot of polls, lest they feel annoyed and stop interacting with you.