Marketers and Twitter Polls

News 10:07 July 2020:

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Twitter has provided a very huge platform for a large number of consumers to voice their satisfaction or lack thereof with the services of a certain company or service provider. It has provided a very good platform through which companies have had a chance to engage with their customers one on one. It can actually prove to be a very strong building block to a company or a very huge obstacle in their journey to the top.

That being said, marketers have to recognize the importance of twitter in their marketing efforts. Using twitter can actually help to reach out to the mass market at one go. They can get to know the feelings of the market and the thoughts that the market has about their product and service and this way they can tell what needs to be improved and enhanced.  Twitter polls are especially advantageous in this regard. Marketers can conduct a simple twitter poll which will help them to determine what percentage of the market actually leans on their side. The poll can also help them to see what their biggest competition is as it will give them an indication of the companies that are preferred over theirs and why.