Responsibility and Instagram Likes

With freedom comes responsibility is one fact of life that greatly applies to social media today. It is undeniable that people have freedom of expression and freedom of speech but we should always remember that this freedom comes with responsibility. The responsibility part is one thing that is lacking on our social media platforms today. People are recklessly posting content without taking the time to consider how whatever they are posting will affect those who will read the content or will be impacted by the content.
People on social media today are on a craze to get a lot of likes and followers that they forget that they are still human beings and whatever content they are posing is being read by fellow human beings. People have literally becomes slaves to having a strong online presence and getting visibility that they are willing to cross all boundaries to get likes; instagram likes not being left behind in this case.
It is understandable that people are looking for this visibility through the instagram likes. It is understandable that people want to have a strong online presence and profile but it is imperative ha we learn to become responsible on these platforms. Simply because you are looking for visibility does not mean you have the right to infringe on another person’s right or disturb their peace of mind.Respect still has to be paramount and boundaries still have to be respected.
There are people who go far and beyond to hate on others, make fun of others, post lies about others, get into people’s private lives and expose it to the public among many other unfair practices simply to get noticed on social media platforms and get instagram likes. This is really not fair as people never take the time to consider how their remarks or their posts will affect the people that are being referred to in the posts. Others go as far as trolling individuals together with their families so as to get the likes. This is no fair at all and should be curtailed by all means.
Getting instagram likes is a good thing and those looking for visibility on this social media platform should definitely be allowed to do so. However let it never be to the detriment of another individual’s peace of mind or self-esteem. People should learn how to be responsible with their posts. Post whatever you want about yourself but not about other people. Be very careful about eh content that you are putting out there about other people; take the time to see how it will affect that person that you are posing about. Go as far as putting yourself in their shoes and considering how you would feel if the content was being posted about you; would you like it or would it hurt you?
The freedom to get as many instagram likes as you want likes comes with a huge responsibility. The responsibility to ensure that you are not stepping on other people’s toes to get to the top of the ranks as far visibility and online presence are concerned.